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J & G’s Deli

J&G cheeses

J & G’s Deli

J&G’s is a lovely deli which boasts a wide range of local cheeses, Mrs Darlington’s jams, marmalades, cookies, biscuits, sauces and chutneys. This is the place to go to get fresh, local eggs, including double yolk chicken eggs, duck, quail and geese eggs! Seasonal game can even be found here.

Their selection of cheeses is second to none; they are one of the only places to offer curd cheese. J&G’s also provides delightful cheese boards and hampers, perfect for gifts or indulgent treats.

J&G’s Deli has their stock of Christmas Cakes in stock now, tick a task off your Christmas checklist early. Available in various sizes:

12 Inch – £24.99

10 Inch – £19.99

8 Inch –  £14.99

6 Inch –  £9.99

4 Inch –  £4.50

Ginner's Xmas Cakes


J&G Deli