About Darlington Markets

Markets in Darlington have a heritage going back to medieval times. Through the ages they have supported the growth of the town, which developed from weaving wool and leather making, dyeing material brought down from Scotland and then to engineering for the railway industry. The Town prospered under the influence of local Quakers and in 1860 the Grade II listed Victorian Market Hall was built which opened for trade three years later. The Market sits alongside the famous Clock Tower, which at the time housed the sister bells to Big Ben.

Independent businesses

Darlington Market today boasts an excellent offering of fresh, local produce including seasonal fruit and vegetables, delicious cheeses and a wide range of locally reared meats prepared by Master Butchers. There’s a lot more on offer than just food however, there is truly something for everyone in Darlington Market. If you are into crafts, comics, pets, vinyls, fashion or beauty there will be something to catch the eye. Not only is the produce local, but the Traders operating from Darlington Market are members of the Darlington community, running independent businesses many of which have been passed through families for generations. Independent businesses are the backbone of a community, when you shop locally, you are directly supporting the people who own and run the business.

A 21st-century retail experience

The covered market sits in the heart of the town and will benefit from a multi-million-pound investment over the coming months. It will remain sympathetic to its Victorian heritage, but will be transformed into a 21st century retail destination based on the already excellent fresh food offer with a more cosmopolitan feel. It will blend its solid and dependable value for money shopping tradition with an afternoon/evening family based leisure experience.

New home for aspiring businesses

The Market Hall will become home to new products and micro businesses, continuing to provide locally sourced fresh food but increasingly offering that more cosmopolitan experience delivered in the main by as many aspiring local new businesses as we can make time (and room) for. We are at the start of something visionary and exciting here. The Market Hall will become a focal point for the people of Darlington young and old, and as we develop our plans and ideas we would love to share them with you!


Meet our market traders
Happy Trader


The Market Hall is open Monday to Saturday from 8am until 5pm.

The Outdoor Market is held on Mondays and Saturdays, 8am to 5pm.

Sew fabrics
‘The Indoor Market opened on the 2nd May 1864 and the first purchase was of a leg of mutton.’

Opening Hours

The Market Hall is open Monday to Saturday from 8am until 5pm all year round.
The Outdoor Market takes place on Monday and Saturday from 8am to 5pm all year round.